Our Product.

Our sod is 100% Kentucky Bluegrass, we sell to both retail and wholesale markets.  We are a family-run business.


Roll size is 2’ x 5’  (10 sq ft)

70 rolls per pallet of sod – covers 700 sq ft

Please note that sod is delivered and picked up skid-less.  Skids are available upon request and require a refundable deposit.

Sod weight varies with moisture, generally around 30-50 lbs per roll.

We recommend no more than 40 rolls in a ½ t truck or single axle trailer when picking up.  We will do our best to assist you with loading but please be prepared to load yourself.

Please call ahead to order.  Sod is usually cut in the early morning when temperatures are cool.  Ideally, call a day prior to picking up.

Delivery is available within an hour of Burford.  Please order at least two days prior to required delivery, deliveries are arranged on a first come, first served basis.

We highly recommend preparing the area to be sodded prior to picking up or having sod delivered.  Sod should be laid within 24 hours of pickup/delivery, sooner on hot days as sod easily overheats when left in a roll. Sod requires a lot of water in the first 2 weeks of establishment.

Member of Turf Producers International.

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